This food delivery transport backpack is used worldwide for the delivery of groceries or meals to the home. This backpack is used widely instead of the Food Delivery Carrier as its easier for those riding bicycles or motorcycles thanks to the comfortable straps. Once closed, it is sealed using a T2 Tamper Evident Security Seal. If the seal is broken when the carrier reaches its destination the recipient can see that the security has been compromised.

External dimensions: 440 x 420 x 200mm
Internal dimensions: 420 x 365 x 190mm
Internal Capacity: 30.5 litre


These mail pouches are ideal for internal mail that needs to be kept secure, or for sending out documents in the post. All mail pouches can be secured with T2 seals for increased security, and you can easily keep track of your mail pouches by using barcoded or numbered seals. They can also feature customised company logos to help you advertise your organisation.


Versapak’s T2 security seal has a unique patented design with an increased printable surface space to allow for easy scanning and readability of barcodes and numbers. It also features two strong legs for added security. The T2 offers you the ultimate level of tamper evidence and traceability. To ensure that the valuable contents of your bag cannot be tampered with, we offer a range of security seals to accompany your products. These are available as plain, numbered, printed or barcoded, and in various colours.


RollsPack have partnered with BioCote© to create a new range of antimicrobial medical bags which protect their contents using antibacterial technology. These actively reduces the presence of microbes which lead to the colonisation and spreading of bacteria. They are suitable for transporting blood, human tissue, vaccines, cancer drugs plus medical records and apparatus. The bags are also fitted with rigid insulation for protection plus temperature control and are secured by our tamper-evident closure system. This anti-microbial feature is available on our food delivery, pathology, blood diagnostic, and hospital equipment products.

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These rugged secure holdalls are ideal for transporting or storing large volumes of documents, or other bulkier items.

Sizes available (WxHxD):
Small (CCBX4): 406 x 305 x 203mm (16 x 12 x 8″)
Medium (CCBX2): 508 x 356 x 152mm (20 x 14 x 6″)
Large (CCBX3): 584 x 406 x 254mm (23 x 16 x 10″)


RollsPack supplies a range of high quality, tamper-evident medical transport bags that are specifically designed to suit pharmaceutical products. These are made from incredibly durable, weather-resistant material, feature foam padding for added protection, and incorporate RollsPack’s Security Seals. This product can be specially made using anti-microbial material to further protect its contents.

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RollsPack’s Blood in Transit Bag is a secure, safe solution designed for the transport of blood related products. It features built in rigid impact protectors, internal padding and is fitted with an insulated lining which keeps your contents at their required temperature for up to 6 hours. To keep your products secure, we have incorporated a tamper-evident zip closure system which can be combined with a traceable, barcoded security seal. This product can be specially made using anti-microbial material to further protect its contents.

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