Forenscope devices

Fingerprint evidence detection is crucial when conducting a crime scene investigation, and it always comes with its own set of challenges; like having the background colour or texture overpowering subtle details and the fact that trying different lighting angles usually requires two people. In response, Forenscope has created cutting edge mobile multispectral devices; the CSI Smartphone and the Patrol Smartphone. These unique devices use Forenscope’s advanced, one of a kind mobile multispectral technology for Contactless Fingerprint imaging with any powder and the CSI Smartphone can further be used for Examination of Body Fluids (Saliva, Semen, Urine, etc.) They are equipped with built-in lighting systems; making the evidence detection process a one-person task instead of requiring two people. They also include our distinctive forensic software that can enhance the RAW images to preserve the evidence almost without the background.

Forenscope 4K Latent Fingerprint Tablet



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Tamper Evident Audit Bags

These SCEC endorsed Secur-Safe forensic solutions protect against the tampering of evidence taken from a crime scene. Meaning law enforcement officers can have confidence in the integrity of their process. These audit bags are made of tough, top grade materials which are puncture resistant. Their seals utilise a sequential closure system. These top of the line forensic products are ideal for Australia’s world class police force.


New methods for the collection and preservation of evidence have called for new solutions for securing, transporting, and storing forensic evidence of all kinds, e.g. after accidents or crimes. Paper absorbs water, making this material ineffective for storing evidence. Moisture can escape from our breathable evidence bags, but the contents cannot be contaminated by outside influences. These security bags can be supplied virtually DNA free using state-of-the-art technology upon request. They can also feature consecutive numbers and barcodes for full tracking capabilities. This breathable evidence bag is available in a small, medium or large size.


Procedures for preserving evidence require special solutions. RollsPack’s forensic security bags ensure a wide range of evidence (from rubble to fingerprints to mobile devices) can be secured, transported and stored in an optimum manner. This evidence can also be stored and protected appropriately over long periods of time without any loss of quality – in breathable, gas-tight or antistatic material as required.

Case Studies:

1. Plant behaviour inside breathable bags: Click here.

2. Blood behaviour inside breathable bags: Click here.

3. Breathable bag closure system test: Click here.

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The Raman Spectrometer is the world’s first cloud AI spectrometer. It’s built on an innovative cloud-based identification and verification framework. Powered by deep learning engine and cloud-native big data platform, this device increases the reliability and accuracy up to 100%. It is an ideal solution for:

  • Drug Identification
  • Explosives Detection
  • Dangerous Items Detection
  • Food Safety Analysis
  • Unknown Solid/Powder/Liquid Analysis
  • Medicine Analysis
  • Jewellery Identification

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When someone commits a crime, they will take a piece of that scene away with them while also leaving something there to find. It’s imperative that this evidence isn’t lost. Crime scenes must be secured and protected to ensure all valuable clues are preserved correctly so that they can be examined later and provide information in their given court case. Scenesafe offers a variety of scene management solutions such as first on scene kits, tread plates, contamination tack mats, barrier tape, record kits and more.

RollsPack is proud to be a distributor of Scenesafe’s revolutionary products. To view their full range of crime scene equipment, click here before contacting us.


The collection and preservation of crucial evidence is a pivotal role of our fine forensic investigators. SceneSafe’s products aim to equip police officers with every tool they require to continue existing practices and explore innovative recovery methods. They have developed a range of ‘fit for purpose’ products which can be adapted to the surroundings of both the climate and the user. SceneSafe offers a variety of evidence recovery solutions such as blood identification products, DNA swabs, lab consumables and more.

RollsPack is proud to be a distributor of Scenesafe’s revolutionary products. To view their full range of evidence recovery systems, click here before contacting us.


Forensic lab technology has evolved considerably over the past decade. A process aided by the continued search for innovative solutions through research and development. As experts in crime scene investigations and evidence recovery, Scenesafe’s fuming chambers, drying cabinets, chemical storage units and other forensic solutions are top of the line.

RollsPack is proud to be a distributor of Scenesafe’s revolutionary products. To view their full range of forensic lab equipment, click here before contacting us.


Fingerprint technology has made leaps and bounds over the last ten years. A process aided by the continued search for innovative solutions through research and development. As experts in crime scene investigations and evidence recovery, Scenesafe’s fingerprint brushes & powders, footwear, scales and other fingerprint solutions are world class.

RollsPack is proud to be a distributor of Scenesafe’s revolutionary products. To view their full range of fingerprint equipment, click here before contacting us.


SceneSafe supply high-quality barrier tapes for local police to close off a perimeter and help prevent any evidence being compromised. Their stock rolls are 250m long and 75mm wide and made of high-quality polymaterial to ensure they are strong enough to protect the necessary crime scenes. If a custom solution is required SceneSafe can provide that too. They can design and manufacture tapes in a variety of languages, colours and sizes.

RollsPack is proud to be a distributor of SceneSafe’s revolutionary products. For more information on their crime scene tapes, click here before contacting us.


We supply target silhouettes for Australia’s world class police forces to ensure their officers can keep their firearm skills sharp. These are 820mm high and 580mm wide. The target itself consists of a silhouette body that’s 210mm wide. It’s surrounded by 50mm wide objects (heart, club, diamond, and spade) for additional targets.


Many police forces currently store evidence in tamper evident bags and loose containers inside secure strong rooms. These rooms have thousands of items inside them, all of which need to be bagged and tagged with barcoded labels before being stored away in hundreds of different boxes. Counting these manually using both police staff and external auditors is a time-consuming exercise. Our RFID evidence storage room auditing system minimises manual elements and improves the accuracy & efficiency of this process while helping ensure the integrity of these tamper-evident bags are maintained.


These Nylon Evidence Bags are designed to hold accelerant and explosive evidence without permeation and they virtually eliminate the potential for cross-contamination from propellant fumes in long-term storage. Nylon doesn’t deteriorate over time from the solvents found in accelerants, which may occur if accelerant items are packaged in plastic bags. Suspect evidence contaminated with accelerant is placed in these clear nylon bags and heat sealed with an Impulse Bag Sealer (completely sealing it), or swan neck and then sealed with a nylon security tie. The nylon bag allows the contents to be viewed without opening the bag.

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