About Us

About RollsPack Innovations

RollsPack Innovations is a division of the RollsPack Group, a global organisation that features an award winning packaging company & a rising promotions division.

We’re passion about innovation and pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. Our quest to seek out opportunities for global innovation led us to create partnerships with world class organisations like Villigers Security Solutions. These enable us to provide cutting edge European technology to our Australasian customers. We’ve also recently partnered with Scenesafe, expanding our business to include forensic solutions, a product range of crime scene equipment to support forensics and policing in both general day to day functions as well as more complex areas of scientific development.


What We Do

RollsPack Innovations’ purpose is to seek out game-changing ideas from around the world and provide them to the Australian & New Zealand Markets. We can provide a range of cash equipment from Villiger Security Solutions which greatly reduce the human labour cost of doing business. RollsPack Innovations has recently enhanced its focus on the forensic industry. Our partnership with an industry leader like SceneSafe allows us to source the most advanced forensic technology in existence for Australian & New Zealand law enforcement. Other sourced products include Forenscope Smartphones, Raman Spectrometers, RFID Evidence Room Auditing Systems, Timestrips, and Medical Equipment. RollsPack’s Innovations division develops its own products with the goal of incorporating the latest technology into versions that can be implemented within industries such as our Secur-Tracrsafe & rPod system. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to be at the cutting edge of world innovation. To consistently strive to source and deliver solutions that enhance the capabilities of Australian & New Zealand businesses. 

Our Vision

RollsPack is committed to being a future-focused company. As the world shifts and the needs of our customers’ change, our goal is to be ready with the most technologically advanced solutions. 

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